Arkind’s Design Wins THE PLAN AWARD 2019 Community Wish List Special Prize

ARKIND has visualized this project as a resort for the retired and elderly. The design encourages interaction between the occupants and fosters healthy living through self- cultivated organic food, community interaction spaces, meditation and yoga area, plantation area, forest area, activity spaces, and open roof walks. Thus the project addresses and takes advantage of the existing social, economic and physical contexts of the region.

This concept of togetherness and community living is translated into the design of this retirement home which brings in the support system and nostalgia of the past while providing resort like facilities, views, activities, and amenities.

The project is designed with a minimum land disturbance while allowing complete disabled access. The concept of ‘Community Living’ and ‘Back to Nature’ is fostered in the design of the development which creates a self-sufficient community producing its own edible consumables and in-house waste usage system. Tharakan’s Zephyr Home engages the inmates and the neighborhood equally and becomes an environmentally socially and economically sustainable development for all stakeholders and a good model for India.

ARKIND’s previous international recognitions include the design of projects in categories such as Community, Culture & Tourism, Education, Leisure-Led Development, Tourism, Travel, and Transport, Environmental and Residential.